Tuesday, May 17, 2022

CoffeeCup Google SiteMapper 4.5

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By placing a sitemap file on your Website, you enable Google and other search engines to find out what pages are present, which have recently changed and have them spider your Website accordingly. Using Sitemaps allow you to inform and direct Google and other search engines what content you have available on your Website.
Google Sitemapper 4.5 from Coffee Cup
Google Sitemaps are an easy way for you to help improve your coverage in Google search results. It’s a system that enables you to communicate directly with Google to keep them informed of all your web pages, and when you make changes to these pages. CoffeeCup Google Sitemapper takes all the work out of creating a Google Sitemap. Just enter your Website Address and click go… Presto! The Sitemap is made and ready to upload.

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